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Magnetic Pet Necklace

Now your canine and feline friends can enjoy the same health-enhancing benefits of magnetism as you. The unique Magnetic Pet Necklacetm not only provides maximum magnetic energy (and maximum benefit) but looks great too. The highest quality magnetic beads are strung on a coated stainless steel cable for strength and durability. The necklaces are fitted with a black plastic scew clasp which will not pull your pet’s hair.

 Magnetic Pet Necklace

Small Twist Bead

Unlike other magnetic pet collars which simply add magnets to a conventional collar, the Magnetic Pet Necklacet™ is designed with one goal in mind... to provide the most benefit to your pet.

Benefits of magnetic energy include:

• Pain relief

• Enhanced circulation

• Promotion of the body’s own natural healing.

These necklaces are priced according to length and can be sized for any dog or cat.

All bead styles $2.70 per inch

Just multiply the cost per inch by the length of the necklace which your pet needs.

Please Note: Make sure to add Stainless Steel Clasp for each necklace.

Stainless Steel
Clasp $6.00
(Must ADD for each necklace)


1" Small Twist Beads for Pet Necklace


 Coconut Oil for Pets

Coconut Oil Supreme™ is also beneficial for your pets. People report feeding it to everything from tropical birds to cats and dogs. One veterinarian reports seeing near miraculous results in dogs with smelly coats. Not only does the appearance improve, but in a matter of days the odor disappears when coconut oil is added to the diet. It is reported that dogs with flea allergies, contact dermatitis and other allergic conditions typically stop scratching soon after coconut oil is added to their diet. It can also be applied topically to scratches, bites, etc. to promote faster healing. Cat owners report that coconut oil helps alleviate fur ball problems and also makes their coats shinier.

The general recommendation is to begin slowly, adding liquid or solid coconut oil to the food and gradually working up to about 1 teaspoon per 10 lbs. of body weight per day. An article in Whole Dog Journal suggests starting with 1/4 teaspoon per day for small dogs or puppies and 1 teaspoon per day for large dogs. They warn that even in healthy dogs, large amounts of coconut oil can cause diarrhea while the body adjusts.

Most pets like the taste of Coconut Oil Supreme™. In fact some people have reported that one problem with using it as a moisturizer on their own skin is that their pets want to lick it off.

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