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Magnetic Bead Necklaces

 magnetic bead necklaces

Small Twist

Large Twist


These high quality magnetic bead necklaces should be your first choice for supplying the head, neck, shoulders and upper back with magnetic energy to help relieve pain and melt away stress. A number of features set these necklaces apart from anything else available.


• High grade ferrite ceramic magnet beads are hand cut and polished.

• Necklace is strung on stainless steel "aircraft" cable, fitted with a corrosion free magnetic clasp so that it can be worn 24 hours a day, even in the shower or bath.

• Stylish good looks combined with magnetic energy.

• Excellent magnetic value for dollars spent.

Standard 20" length in all styles $58.00

Custom lengths are available in all styles. Price is based on length.

Photos above are close to actual size. Please order by bead style and length desired.

Please Note: After selecting which bead style and adding it to your cart, please enter the desired length in the quantity field. Make sure to add a Magnetic Clasp ($4.00). 



Magnetic Clasp $4.00
(Must ADD for each necklace)

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Small Twist Bead Necklace

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Large Twist Bead Necklace

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Magnetic Beads-Wrist/Ankle Wraps

Wrist Wrap

These unique wraps have a number of advantages over other styles of bracelets and anklets. A standard 14" length without a clasp lets the wrap be adjusted to fit most wrists and ankles. The bead string is simply wrapped around the wrist or ankle and the magnetic attraction between the overlapping beads holds it in place. This design allows for close contact with the magnetic beads for maximum penetration of the magnetic field.


Same high strength beads used in necklaces.

• Easy to put on or take off without help.

• Lots of magnetic energy without weight and bulk.

• No cloth to become soiled, frayed and unsightly.

• Pain relief and attractive jewelry.

Standard 14" in all styles $37.80

See necklace photos for styles. Longer wraps available with price based on length. Please order by bead style.

Please Note: A 14" wrap is a standard size for most wrist wraps and ankle wraps. When measuring your ankle, add 6 inches to the measurement to order the correct length of overlap.




 Small Twist Bead Wrap

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 Large Twist Bead Wrap

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