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Magnetic Expansion Bands


magnetic expansion bands


• Lots of magnetic energy for hand, wrist, elbow and arm.

• Three attractive styles made from the highest quality materials which will not tarnish or discolor. No plating to wear off.

• Can be worn 24 hours a day (not affected by moisture).

Stainless steel, superpowerful, narrow or wide


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Available in deluxe 1/20 12K gold-filled with stainless inside (15 mm wide) or brushed stainless steel finish, narrow (10 mm) or wide (15 mm) in superpowerful strengths.

Note: Please specify custom length if desired. The narrow band is approximately 7" in circumference and the wide band 8".

Magnetic expansion bands continue to be some of the most popular magnetic personal products since their introduction in Japan over 40 years ago. The Japanese describe both local and "remote" effects from wearing magnetic products. One theory is that the blood, being a conductor, generates a weak electrical current as it passes through the magnetic field of the necklace or bracelet. This results in enhanced pain relief and improved blood flow to areas not in direct contact with the magnetic field. For relieving discomfort and promoting the body’s own natural healing process in the hand, wrist., elbow and even the shoulder, the magnetic expansion band is a good choice.

The stainless steel bands are available in two widths (10 mm and 15mm) and the deluxe gold-filled bands are available in the 15 mm width.  Our superpowerful bands (a product originated by Mid-American Marketing Corp.) use high grade samarium-cobalt magnets to produce 4-5 times as much magnetic energy as would standard ceramic magnets. 

If you prefer the look of real gold the deluxe gold-filled band offers high quality construction and a dressier appearance. This is not a gold-tone or gold-plated finish. The caps on the links of the band and on the magnet enclosures are 1/20 12K gold. This is a heavy, mechanically bonded layer of 12K gold which will continue to look good even after years of wear.