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Super Pads


4 disk & 9 disk Super Pad

9 Disk Model


Hips, shoulders, backs, legs, or arms.....anywhere that you wear clothing you can use our durable super pads. By putting one pad on the inside of your clothing and another pad of the same size on the outside of your clothing you can literally wear these lightweight super strong pads anywhere 24 hours a day. For our super pads we encase grade 42 neodymium iron boron magnets (the strongest commercially available magnetic material) inside flexible foam pads, then cover them with a durable rip-stop nylon. The incredible strength (over 6" of field penetration), the ease of use, and the versatility of these pads make them a truly unique and effective way of delivering massive amounts of magnetism to almost any part of your body.


Very strong while light in weight and flexible.

• Used in pairs they can be worn over any part of the body covered by clothing without the need for tape or bandages.

• Color coded for easy pole identification: the Green side is North pole and the Red side is South pole.

• Available in many sizes to accommodate any need.

• Magnet disks are grade 42 neodymium-iron-boron, .375"X125".

NOTE: In order to obtain the longest service life from these pads  they should be used and stored in pairs. Due to the very high strength of the magnets a single pad will tend to self destruct over time as a result of the constant forces of attraction and repulsion between the magnets. For this reason the multi-disk pads are only sold in pairs.


 1-Disk Super pad, 1" diameter


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 4-Disk Super pad, 1.5"x1.5", set of 2


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 9-Disk Super pad, 2.25"x2.25", set of 2


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 14-Disk Super pad, 2"x5.75", set of 2


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 18-Disk Super pad, 3"x4", set of 2


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 28-Disk Super pad, 3.625"x7.375", set of 2


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