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Magnetic Back Belt

Find the relief you are looking for with this multi-featured belt!

Magnetic Back Belt 

ONLY 59.95 



magnetic energy... supplied by 24 high grade ferrite ceramic magnets.

bioceramics... bioceramic dots absorb body heat and return it in the form of far infrared energy which penetrates the muscles and tissues to help promote circulation and relieve soreness.

support... the high quality Velcrotm-type closure and elastic material allow the belt to be easily adjusted to provide the amount of support you find most comfortable.

• Special pocket behind the magnets can be used for money and ID for joggers or it can be used to hold our 4" X 6" X .5" encased bar magnet for maximum field penetration into the back.

• High quality construction prevents "rolling" along the edges of the belt.

• Magnet-containing panel is approximately 10" long and 6" wide and then tapers to 5" along both ends.

• Wide range of sizes to ensure comfortable fit:

                         (unstretched length of belt)


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